Farnborough Growth Package Transport Improvements

Hampshire County Council is currently developing proposals to improve transport in the Farnborough area and wants to find out what local residents and businesses think.  The proposed improvements are primarily along the A3011 Lynchford Road and A325 Farnborough Road corridors and in the town centre.

We want to hear your views on the existing issues, the suggested improvement options and which of these should prioritise for implementation first.

This response period is open from 28 November 2017 to 15 January 2018
If you need this document in another language or large print, please phone 0300 555 1388
About your journey
Q1How do you normally travel around Farnborough? (please tick all that apply)
Q2What's usually the reason for your journey? (please tick all that apply)
Q3How many days in an average week do you travel in Farnborough?
Q4At what time do you usually travel? (please tick all that apply)
Q5Which of the following roads do you regularly use in Farnborough? (please tick all that apply)
Q6Do you currently use an alternative route to avoid congestion along main roads in Farnborough?
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